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Digital Animal is a full service LinkedIn marketing & consulting agency. We provide seamless social selling and consulting through LinkedIn.
We help businesses and professionals
Welcome to the world of LinkedIn social selling


LinkedIn is the #1 channel for business to business content distribution. We create and post content for you.

645 million

645 million users, over 90 million senior-level influencers, and 63 million decision makers on LinkedIn, we’ll connect you with anyone, anywhere in the world.

20+ hours

It can take up to 15 - 20 touchpoints before a lead moves to an offline connection. We can save you over 20 hours a week.


More than 80% of B2B social leads are generated through LinkedIn. We can get you up to 5 high-value B2B leads a week.

What is social selling?

Social selling is the art of selling without selling. It’s about building a personal brand with your face, name, image, expertise and credibility. It’s centered around providing value and staying top of mind with your prospects until they are in a position to buy your product or service.

The overarching goal of social selling is to have a prospect agree to a phone call with you – once you build enough trust with them to ask for it. Social selling is about booking warm calls. Social selling is about nurturing connections and when it’s done right, it’s about creating genuine relationships with people. Nothing tricky or underhanded about that.

What is social selling?
We begin by establishing credibility, and end with successful sales conversions.
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The social selling process

Create a professional brand

A credible brand shows you are an active participant in your industry. Your Linkedin profile needs to stand out and communicate clearly and directly to the needs of your ideal client.


Build your connection base

Much more effective than traditional sales, LinkedIn’s advanced search feature let’s us pinpoint your ideal prospects and then start connecting with them using a personalised message.



Now that you are connected, now what? We systematically and strategically send messages at the right time in the correct manner, to slowly move prospects into relevant conversations or offline meetings. It can take up to 30 engagements with a cold lead before they are ready for an offline conversation with you.


Educate with content

We work with you to solidify your position as an industry expert by sharing and creating interesting, original content to build your professional brand. We add relevant call to actions throughout the content to help your prospects move along the sales pipeline.



Have you ever heard the phrase “If you don’t ask for the sale you won’t get it” ? Strategically placed promotions throughout your profile and content and messaging reminds your connections what you can offer, helping convert prospects into leads. After all, if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.



As you connect with prospects, and turn leads into long-lasting customers, Digital Animal continues to generate new content, new connections, and interested prospects so that the successful sales cycle continues.

Social selling is the art of selling, without selling.
What our clients think
Craig Featherby - Founder / CEO
Carrick Wealth

We have used Flance digital consultancy for the last 18 months and have been hugely impressed with Renier Lombard, his professionalism, attention to detail, ability to deliver to a brief and work in a timely manner - and all at a reasonable cost. In a fast-moving market such as financial services, we need a digital agency who can always deliver and act with complete integrity and accuracy. Reiner and his team of dedicated specialists have proved beyond any doubt that they are a class act. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone whom is looking for assistance within the digital marketing space including the correct use of LinkedIn and we look forward to working with them for the long term.