We believe in building relationships that last

We aim to get to know our clients on a personal and professional level, because this is the best way to understand them, their story, and their goals.
Building relationships
What our team offers

To help you put the correct strategy in place, we refine your message, offers, and lead magnets. We dissect and optimise your systems and processes and create your custom lead generation funnel.

Content Creation

We build your reputation, relationships, and credibility by working with you to create and share valuable and industry-related content. Articles, videos, and thought pieces that engage your ideal audience.

Profile Management

After setting up your profile as a sales page, we connect and with your ideal client and start sharing the message to move them to buy. We engage continuously, generating leads, and providing you with monthly reporting.

Impact through expertise
Through the experience and expertise of our partner companies, we are able to make a greater impact.

Flance provides digital marketing solutions and design and strategy consulting to help businesses grow and succeed. With an agile mindset, we harness the power of technology and pair this with strategy to offer an integrated approach to helping businesses through digital solutions.


Digital Animal is a full service LinkedIn marketing and consulting agency, generating sales and recruitment leads through your LinkedIn profile without spending any money on advertising. In addition to profile development and management, Digital Animal offers LinkedIn consulting and training.


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Profile Management

Your personal LinkedIn profile page developed and managed. We take your profile off your hands and manage it, generating quality B2B leads without spending a cent on advertising.

Training and Consulting

We put the power in your hands, by giving you all the resources you need to become a LinkedIn expert, allowing you to pass along the strategy and practical tips to your team or clients.

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