Seamless social selling

What’s included
Our end-to-end service takes you from setup to lead generation


Build the audience

We work with you to identify your ideal audience, based on the attributes you are looking for in a customer

Create lead funnel

Based on your objective, your offering, and your voice, we create a custom LinkedIn lead generation funnel

Profile setup

We build your profile as an in-bound sales page and if needed, refine and refresh your profile imagery and summary

Premium account

We activate the right premium account on your behalf, saving you time and peace of mind


Set Up

Build reputation

We building your relationships and strengthen your reputation with your connections

Endorsements and skills

We build your endorsements and skills by engaging with your connections to created added credibility

Sales messaging

We create the message that motivates your client to buy, moving them from connection to customer

Creating awareness

We share sales messages for your events, services and promotions



1000 Connections

In 3 months or less, your connection network will growth by 1000 people

Monthly strategy session

A monthly call analyses the previous month’s activity and plans for the next month of content and objectives

Lead Generation

Through strategic messaging and action, your connections will evolve into potential customers

Analytics and reporting

We compile and analyse the data from the previous month, optimising for your growth as we go

What you can expect


We will reach out to 1000 people for connection requests per month, adhering to the LinkedIn request limits


An average of 20-40% connection request success rate


An average of 25% response rate from your connections that turn into good leads


As your profile builds, anywhere from 2 to 5 high quality leads per week, dependent on your product and service

Our service packages
Premium Management

Personal brand development for executives looking to build strategic business relationships

Starting at



Get Started

LinkedIn profile management

Connection Management

Personal brand management

Lead generation and management

1 Article per month (500 - 800 words) based on a value-driven content strategy

10 post monthly content plan

Sale process consulting – conversion journey mapping

7 to 10 touchpoint strategy

Profile Makeover

A once-off setup and onboarding fee applicable on all packages


Strategy session

Profile and messages creation

Promotion strategy

Decide content direction and topics

Publishing schedule

Evolve your profile to a sales page

Costs above exclude LinkedIn Sales Navigator Premium

Each business is different with unique goals and objectives. The packages and costs above are guidelines. Upon consultation we will determine the most effective option and create a tailored approach.

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